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When is the worst time to get sick?? I will tell u…its when you are looking for work! A trip to the doctor’s office with no insurance coverage and on a budget really sucks. I keep thinking about what my mom would call “a sliver lining” and all I could think about was ‘good thing I don’t have to call in sick” ha ha!


work and such…

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so I just discovered this dope site for professional artists and started uploading some of my work. I am sure it will be at least a week before I have it all done, but you can check it out here: sylviaG : Artista Nueva


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I just joined after speaking with a head hunter friend of mine. It’s been so long since I had to look for work that finding out all the networking sites has been a bit overwhelming of sorts. But I’m here now.

Sylvia Spins

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I’m going to be making a new facebook fanpage to post my class schedule for my spin classes so stay tuned 🙂

The Pink Shoe

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Last year (approx?) I decided that I had to do something with my increasingly growing shoe collection. I hired Shoe Orginatrix Carmen Leilani to come give me some ideas, and basically force me to purge of all shoes & boxes that were just taking up room. In my place, size is limited, so one must be creative to be fabulous. And fabulous, I am!

I’ve documented the first couple of steps towards completion of my ever evolving shoe collection…and alas, as of present day, my shoes no longer fit within the closet. And that means another purge come the first of 2010. In the meantime, check out the footage from last year.

Here’s the basics before I post the pics & vids:
1 can of semi-sheer pink paint from Lowes.

  • About 2 hours to paint it all up.
  • Plywood sheets cut to size to make shelves.
  • 1 FABRIC shower curtain with a funky print to wrap over the plywood to make it look awesome. I got mine at Ross for less than $4
  • 1 staple gun to get that shower curtain to stick to the wood.
  • A gazillion clear plastic containers. I got mine at Walmart 5 for $8 or something pretty cheap like that.
  • A digital camera to take pics of all your shoes.
  • An account to iphoto or wherever you get your pics printed at.
  • Double stick tape
  • Boot hangers (I got mine at Linens and Things before they went out of biz.
  • Air freshener, cedar blocks or whatever cus there is no ventilation and it will get musty.

You can pretty much figure out how to do what by looking at the pictures, and if you can’t you should probably look into that. #justsaying.

At a Glance

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ok, so while it seems like I might have flaked on my personal blog, it simply isn’t true!! I thought about posting, many times…but I just couldnt find my log in info.

Alas, it came to me in a dream. I swear. Back to posting dope shit.

Obi Kanobi

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IMG_2576.jpg, originally uploaded by sylviaguillen818.

LOOK how cute Obi was. He looks so grown up now that I can look back on these pics. I can’t wait to let his hair grow so he can have a lion cut like his big brother Cha Cha.

Salud. 2009

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P073009PS-0451, originally uploaded by The Official White House Photostream.

no words are really even necessary.

The Thrill is Gone…

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But seriously, the thrill has been gone. I mourned Michael Jackson around the same time the court hearings started, his release of History and the lease of the Beatles catalog back to Sony. I mean, I know that as an artist, you can’t continue to create masterpieces, but MJ did a nice 20 year stint of doing just that.

I’m not much for one of admiring an artist for their personality…I am a fan of the art. And so, in my mind, the day that MJ started putting out bullshit, I mourned the loss of a great artist. What will always remain though, even during his not-so-great work, are the memories of great times, amazing visuals, and fantastic music. And for that, I do thank you Michael Jackson.

I remember watching the Jackson 5 cartoon on saturday morning with my aunt Angelica and Adela and trying to get first ‘dibs’ on which 5 was our boyfriend. We didn’t always want Michael..we liked the ‘older guys’.

I still remember doing the moonwalk with my brothers, aunts and cousins on Mom Marianna’s wood ring shalacked table. The feel of my Off The Wall album cover, the smell of the fresh ink and the feel of the smooth vinyl. I remember waiting in line for hours in the hot ass Anaheim heat to see Captain Eo, not realizing that it wasn’t really a ‘ride’ but a moving ‘show’ hence the line crawling worse than the 405 freeway during rush hour. But we waited, and we saw.

I remember my BFF Cecily and I being SO excited because her parents bought her Thriller and we argued over who’s boyfriend MJ was. I think that by posession, we agreed that since it was her album, MJ would be her boyfriend.

I remember selling lemonade outside in Oxnard and drawing pictures, selling toys at garage sales and backyard so that we could raise money to by the 12″ mix. I don’t think we ever raised the money.

I remember lying to my parents so that I could go to a general admission MJ concert, totally getting caught, being put on severe punishment, and losing my radio/record player and posters as part of the 3 month long sentencing/punishment. I remember my soft cotton concert t-shirts that I kept in between my mattresses because if I wore them, my parents would know I went, and then I might get my album taken too.

When Bad came out, I was just starting to go through my ‘badboy’ phase and kind of never left that part of my musical preference. BAD was officially my last Michael Jackson purchase.influx into my life. I had grown musically, and begun to appreciate the artistic intensity of the live instrument and it’s fusion with other instruments. I’m still there, actually.

so yea. I do hope MJ rests in peace, but he was resting in my peace long, long ago. And on that note, please enjoy my favorite & life changing MJ contribution to my world

SylviaG Is A Pretty Young Thing

Money Bags: Attn All Golddiggers

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Symbolic recycled material fuses with fashion in these Claire Vivier handbags that I saw this morning:


here is my quicklist editorial, dash marked…of course.  And before I get into the list, I would like to point out that I am ALL about eco-chic fashion.

Things that rock about this bag:
– It’s so symbolic, come on now, a MONEY bag? That’s right. That’s pretty damn hardcore.
– It’s recycled, from imperfect materials (read: heavily discounted)
– It’s remade in America
– It’s just all around cool

Things that really REALLY suck about the bag:
Um…it’s ALREADY MADE. Why on earth do you feel the need to charge $159 for this bag?? I feel like businesses like yours are the reason why we continue to cycle into recession. Mind you, it’s merely the way I feel. I am by no means a certified economist, but I feel that if the item is already made, already recycled, and minimally embellished, it should be priced accordingly.

So there you have it. Alot of things really rock about the bag, but the thing that sucks is almost offensive to me as a consumer and so I will resort to to find one that is probably priced under $20. I really cannot stand when retailers attempt to exploit consumers.

If there was some sort of artwork or embellishment of a sort, I a may feel differently. That’s all.